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= bio: URKUMA is Stefano De Santis, born in the South-east part of Italy.
He began his artistic career as a playwright, and later developed his unique musical approach to translate his theatre concepts into sound. The word Urkuma is specific to the FinisTerrae part of Italy and expresses a state of mind, that is possible to compare with the opposite to the Buddhist concept of nirvana.  Urkuma did releases, performances and installations in Italy, Poland, Usa, Austria, Swiss, Slovack Rep., Japan and has collaborated with a wide range of musicians.
Live, Urkuma is used to play anything within his reach, including small electronic devices, clarinet, TrumpLoo, home-built instruments and tapes.


= contact:  urkuma(at)yahoo.it


=  Selected Live performances:

WienModern , Wien 03

Raster Gallery , Warsaw 03

Next Festival , Bratislava  03

CCC Festival , Bern 04

Transart , South Tirol-Ita 04

Stazione Topolò , Udine-Ita 04,05

Amman Studio Session ; duo with Angelica Castellò,  Wien 05

InterpenetrationFestival , Graz-Au 05

Scatole Sonore ,  Roma 06

POESIAPRESENTE, http://www.memoriediadriano.it/  Monza(Italy)08

Ricercare la Parola: Suoni e Visioni dal capitolo I del Vangelo di S. Giovanni,  Noci (BA) 08

Archiaro(CALABRIA\Catanzaro)8aug 09

Ponti sonori – BEGEHBARER SOUNDTRACK  AUSTRIA\Carinthia\Klagenfurt 09

= Selected Installations urkuma(at)yahoo.it:

SoundRes - Loop house gallery - S. Cesario (LE) - Italy 04

Tomorrow Now: La linea sottile a cura di Marco Antonini e Francesca Colasante Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa-Venezia 05

[enter ] nature GALERíA GALOU (www.galeriagalou.com) New York-Usa 06

Notte Bianca della Letteratura e dell'Arte: Carlo Michele Schirinzi/Stefano Urkuma De Santis "FUGA DA NICEA", Galatina (Le) 08

"Prospettiva in fuga" un video di carlo michele schirinzi\Urkuma adattamento sonoro italia 09


=  Selected Releases and Compilations:




" Rebuilding Pantaleone’s Tree” for Baskaru (France) http://www.baskaru.com/karu4.htm





"misophonia" for Mik_Musik (Poland www.mikmusik.org





"onomatopoeic cigarettes"   for Chmafu_Nocords (Austria)  www.nocords.net





"a cricket in the river"  for Neus318 (Japan http://www.neus318.com



 "embedded"  for Detterent (Canada)  http://deterrent.net


  "sonic scope 04”  for Grain Of  Sound (Portugal)  www.grainofsound.com/